Each entry follows the same basic structure:

  • Title (includes an episode title, if applicable)
  • Production Details (broadcast information, cast and crew, etc.)
  • Synopsis (overview of the production)
  • Review (if applicable)
  • Trivia (if applicable, indicated with a TV icon)

In the production section, Season (S) and Episode (E) numbers are designated as S##E##. If the Director (D) or Writer (W) is not known, then “Anon” is used in lieu of this information; if a credit is shared by many, for the sake of brevity, “Var” is used instead of listing all the names. The Cast (C) list differs based on the nature of the production.

If an ankh symbol appears next to a name, then the actor portrayed a vampire.

If available, the author personally watched and reviewed each entry. Although the synopsis is meant to be spoiler-free, the same cannot be said for the review; it may reveal significant plot details, and possibly give away the ending. Listings that feature a review also include a rating based on the following scale:

Must-see Un-Dead TV (an excellent production)
This story has bite (recommended viewing)
Average fanged fare (easily forgettable)
Toothless mediocrity (for completists only)
Horrendous (avoid it like the plague!)

This rating scale is highly subjective, and reflects an overall impression of the production; it is not solely based on the level of vampire content. The author is well versed in vampire fiction, movies, and television shows, and is intimately familiar with screenwriting and television production. Each of these factors has influenced the ratings applied to the listings.

In general, the top-rated entries are entertaining and/or informative, and focus on vampires. However, noteworthy productions may still be recommended even if the vampire content is minimal. Conversely, if an entry is teeming with vampires, but is barely watchable, then it will land on the lower end of the scale. In a few rare cases, the listing is so horrendous that it’s been staked! These productions are so awful that they should be avoided altogether, and not viewed by anyone, ever!

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